What’s new today at my TA-Hotel office

The birds were singing, the sun shines, all well and good, I was drinking my coffee slowly and calm, I opened the system… What a wonderful Saturday when everyone is enjoying the sun and the beginning of spring, only I had to be at the fice on the emergency shift… Looking from the 10th floor from our office at all Bucharest how lovely it is outside under the sun… until the phone starts to ring…

– TA. hotel this is Ada talking good afternoon

– Hello from Greece this is Andreas from the travel agency Mar. how are you Ada ?

– Fine thank you and how are you?

– Fine, fine, listen I want you to verify 2 reservations for me 132 and 234

– Yes I see them one is for Mr Papaconstantinou in Istanbul – Turkey and the other one is for Mrs Hariou in Paris – France

– Please note that we will be closed on Monday and we need to keep the reservations we will settle the payment on Tuesday at 16:00 o’clock sharp !

– Ok just one moment to verify that we can keep the reservation until then… the one for Mrs Hatzigiannis can be kept without no problem and… let me check…

– Sure, no problem, take your time !

– We will be able to keep both reservation for you no worries

– You give me good news Ada thank you for your help.

– With pleasure, any time Andreas

– Next time I come there I will bring you halloumi!

( Halloumi- is a Cypriot cheese for those who do not know, please write it down and never forget this word cause this cheese is heaven on earth grilled and with olive oil on top and some pita bread… )

– Oho great thank you ! I can’t wait !

For a moment, it just was summer and I was sitting on a tavern with a plate of halloumi in front of me, with a seaside view on my right and with a table of handsome men on my left side sending me sweet red wine as a compliment…


Hmmmm what life… as I took a big breath of salty air … the phone started to ring again…

dreaming time is over…

– TA hotel this is Ada with what may I help you?

– Hello Abba, nice name do you know the song ?

– Mamma-mia ! here I go again…

– My, my just how much I’ve missed you…

– Haha my name is Ada not Abba Alfa Delta Alfa !

– Aaaaa Ada! ok Ada how are you? This is Elefteria form Kia travel

– Hello Elefteria, I am fine thank you for asking, and how are you?

– Fine, fine, I’m on my coffee break, I just wanted to know if we have any reservation to pay today or this weekend?

– Let me check… one moment please…

– Yes, yes take your time there is no hurry

– Please note that for this weekend all reservations are already paid from your side and everything is in order.

– Thank you Ada mou ! ( mou in Greek means ” my” thank you my Ada it is a polite form of saying how close are we as persons)

– You are very welcome Elefteria

– Eeeee Ada Listen do you know reservation 225 ?

– Yes I do, I am assigned on that reservation it is for Skiathos island next Sunday.

– Yes, yes it’s a terrible thing…

– Why what happened? the clients are sick or cannot travel?

– They requested twin bed… and they are honeymooners !

– Okk… ( wtf ! I said in my mind, honeymooners and want separated beds?!) But why?

– I know! Right? This is what I asked also, don’t you want to make love in your honeymoon? That’s why you go on honeymoon to make love!

– Yes I guess so…

– You know what! ?

– What?

– I think they are not in love, next thing you know after the honeymoon they will come to divorce!

– hahaha that is a new one…

– ok Ada mou please request to the hotel twin beds for them

-Ok Elefteria I will call right away.

– Thank you Ada mou !


After checking options and payments I finished my coffee while working and started responding to our clients requests.




After various calls at various hotels, I informed my clients the that the reservation was reconfirmed with the Mrs/ Mr Marco, Monica, Mohamed… from the hotels… and everything is in order with their reservation

” I am travelling with my dog and a child, please inform the hotel and inform me back the extra cost”

– Please inform the age of the child and how many kg has the dog. Regards

“The child has 10 Kg and the dog 5 years”

– Dear… please clarify your remark, did you mean the dog has 10 kg and the child has 5 years?

” no no! the dog has 9 years and has 10 kg and the child have 6 years and 12 kg”

sending email to our supplier

Dear colleagues, kindly inform the rate for an extra bed for a 10-year-old child. Also, note that the clients will travel with their 10 kg dog, please inform the tax to be paid also for the dog.

– Dear… please note that the extra bed for the child is free of charge as per our supplier, also note that the tax for the dog is 20 Euros per night.

” So much money for the dog??? And what the child is so cheap that they leave him free of charge? I thought it will be tax for the child and free for dog… the dog is sleeping on the floor the child on it’s own bed”

yes… let’s see another request

” please do your best to change the dates of this reservation, we need it check-in to be 01 June check-out on 03 June instead of 24 Mar – 27Mar”

And then the phone is ringing …

– TA hotel this is Ada speaking good afternoon…

– Hello Ana this is Galina from Bulgaria

– Hello Galina, this is Ada, Alfa Delta Alfa,

– Abda?

– Adda! Alfa delta Alfa…

– Yes! Ana !

– My name is Ada… and how are you?

– Aaaaaa ADA yes ok I am-am home with the child and working

– I see… is there something that I can assist you with?

– Yes … please check reservation 110

– Ok just a moment… this is a past reservation the check-in was 5 months ago…

– Yes we received a complaint from the guest I left you a remark inside the reservation, they requested a Twin bed on their honeymoon…

– And if they requested a twin bed on the honeymoon and they received it why are they complaining?

– Please read what the clients said…

” Please note that we asked twin beds that means 2 separate beds ! for our honeymoon, instead we received double king-size bed complimentary !!! Please note that I hold you responsible for we are pregnant !!! If there were twin beds one of this would happen! ”

– Ok… I…I…I will verify with the hotel what happened and I will revert to you as soon as we will have the hotel answer.

– Please do that cause my clients are very upset!

….. !!!! seriously !? ! Is this even happening or am I dreaming? :)))

Ok, then Elefteria my dear if you only could know this…

Remember my good friends.

PLEASE give them what they want, do not try to make someone happier than they wish to be.




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