The Emergency Shift at my TA Hotel Office

This is for my dear friends and colleagues…

Since our Emergency shifts are very interesting and I burst of inspiration why not share with you also.

In the next post, I will explain to you how do I proceed with the emergency shift, how I treat problems and situations, a few dialogues between me and our clients, suppliers and other queries.

Although the situations are real I will not give the detailed name of clients or reservation ids, there will be fictive ids and names in order to not have a negative influence or bad advertising for any of our suppliers or clients.

And now we dance! Let the show begin 😉

Monday morning, me Adda as our clients know me, my name is Adriana C. but not to be mixed up with our manager who’s name is Adriana also, clients know me as Adda.

My emergency shift has just begun I am starting the work at 11:00 a.m. our local hour, as I get up from my bed, the sun is shining the birds are singing, spring is here, hmmm what a beautiful day, I say to myself. As I arrive at the office and everything seems in order I see on my desk the emergency phones and the mini laptop and I remember, all those calls, all those emails and remarks also situations, suddenly the birds stop singing their perfect little song :)).

– Ok, I am checking the options… everything is in order here, do we have orders? mmm yes, I am taking Fotis, Carmen! please charge Fotis credit card in order to process his booking, please…

– Order charged – done! tell me when is ready so I can make it ok paid and invoiced

– Right away… id 112200 – done Carmen

” Dear George, please note that the reservation was made under id number 112200. Best regards “

There are reservations into the system, remarks to be read and answered, emails to be read, group requests, transfer requests, suppliers request, clients request, orders to be verified and processed once paid, failed reservations to be verified and processed, cases to be chased and hotels to be called.

Every and each of us has their reservations, email queries, calls to hotels, remarks, situations… Imagine all that work and + a book-out, or + a double booking + a relocation + a situation with the hotel… Now try to imagine all that work to be done by one single person in the emergency shift.

After everyone else leaves the office at 18:00 the person who has the emergency stay until 20:00 during the week and Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00, but as we leave the office the day is not done for us, if the emergency phone is calling we work from home, from the bus station, from the trains, coffee shops, taverns, parks, weddings etc 🙂

Imagine that 3 phones are ringing at the same time and is one single person who has to answer at all 3 of them right away;

on the first line, they do not find the reservation at the hotel and the clients are at the reception,

on the second line, one client need a name change as the check-in is the next day and it was a slight change in the names;

and the last but not list is the Book-out…

In the future posts, we will talk about all these queries and actions that need to be taken and we will laugh a little bit regarding some requests and answers.

Until then, drive safe and do not forget! Answer your phone at any moment I may call you :))

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