The Book-out in Paris

In this post I will talk about the book-out situations, I will define the book-out, how I treat book-outs, how I handle this situation, there will be a few examples of book-outs into the next parts of the Book-out posts.

As I said in the previous post the situations are real but the name of the clients, the agencies or the companies who work with us will not be the real one in order to not use their name or affect their image in any way.

The definition of the Book-out

When you already have a reservation and the hotel did not stop sails, due to a miss communication, a technical error into their systems or they sell the rooms for a better price for them, well.. that is how a book-out situation appear.

Tuesday evening 7th of April 18:05 hours or local time.

Our colleagues from Bulgaria get in touch with us in no time, they are acting as fast as we do, when they have an information and help us 🙂

– Please check 9xx29, call at the hotel

– OK right away.

Ok, first of all, I open the reservation and take the necessary information from it, this reservation is made by for Madrid Spain at Florida Hotel with the check-in on the 4th of April check-out today…

Let’s call the hotel to see what happened…

– Florida Hotel “bunes tardes Lucía está en el teléfono”

-Good afternoon I would like to check a reservation with you if it is possible

– Good afternoon ma’am, sure, tell me

– The check-in was on the 4th April the check-out is today and I need to know more information regarding this reservation,

the reservation is under the lid name Kiril Nanko

– The clients stood at the hotel but they do not have a reservation, we cannot find the reservation of these clients that’s why they were asked to pay this reservation.

– Please note that this reservation was made with one of our suppliers, Purple, I have their reference number if it helps

– No ma’am we do not have reservations made with Purple in this period

Great… let us send an email to our supplier …

“Dear colleagues,

Regarding Ref number 794321924, please note that as per Mrs Lucia from the hotel, they do not have the clients reservations and they are asking the clients credit card in order for the reservation to be paid.

Please re-confirm this booking and avoid any unpleasant situation, the guest already paid for this reservation once.

Best regards

Adda. C ”

-Good afternoon this is Adda from TA office Romania, can I you give a reference number please?

– Yes, please go ahead

– The ref number is 79432×924

– OK I see here the reservation, what is the problem with it ? Have you send us an email?

-Yes I did please check it

– Oh my, I see… OK… we have to contact the hotel right away.

– Perfect I will like to stay on hold until you solve this problem

in the same time while I was on the phone…

Skype message:

D: – We have a problem with booking Id 11xx8x

The hotel has only the room of – Papa Ivan, and they do not want to accommodate the person from the second room.

Please check urgent and call the agency who booked through us R.traveling on their contact number (00359)for Bulgaria to keep them updated on the situation.

– OK D. I will as soon as possible

Our supplier manage to answer at the phone regarding the previous reservation

– Hello Adda?

– Yes, I’m here, what does the hotel say?

– Please note that everything is in order now with your reservation and the clients will not be charged for the stay

– Thank you, can you also send me an email so I have in writing, that you took care of the situation and that the client will not be charged?

– Yes, just a second please… done!

– OK, Can you also tell me please why is this situation created? What happened at the hotel? Why didn’t they had the reservation? Because into my system I can see the reservation was made since the beginning of last month.

– Yes well, we had a miss-communication between our system and the hotel’s system, but everything is in order right now, we are sorry for the unpleasant situation.

– Let me check to see if I received your email… a yes it is here, thank you for your cooperation, have a nice day!

– Thank you, you too!

OK… the situation with the second id…

It is for Paris France at Boboygn Hotel for 2 twin standard rooms, one person in each room.

– Good afternoon, I would like to verify a reservation that is already made please, the check-in is today clients are already at the reception for 2 standard twin rooms and the reservation was made through our supplier Pink

– Yes, yes, we know but we do not have a room for the second guest, we are fully booked.

– How come? I confirmed with a colleague of yours this reservation a couple of days ago.

– I am sorry I do not have this information but the hotel is fully booked we have only one room.

Great… My birds just stopped singing…

Now I have to send an Email to our supplier :

” Dear colleagues,

Regarding ref number 123-xzh998216, please note that as per Victoria from hotel they have only one twin standard room out of 2. Please do your best to confirm this reservation with the hotel for both rooms as the clients are traveling together.”

– Pink, this is Mariella…

– Good afternoon Mariella, please transfer me to the book-outs department, this is Adda from TA Romania, this is an emergency

– Is it an existing book-out?

– Yes it is, we just found out about it

– Pink this is Jorhe at the phone.

– Hello Jorhe, this is Adda from TA Romania, can I give you a reference number ?

– Yes, sure! Let’s hear it

-123-xzh998216, I already send you an email regarding this situation, please act fast as the clients are at the reception.

– OK, I see your email… aha! OK I will put you on hold while I talk with the hotel to check the situation.

20:15 hours our local time…

In meanwhile, let’s see some remarks:

“Payment is done in your bank account

Dear Dimitris, please note that we informed our Accounting Department accordingly. Regards ”

” Payment is done, please inform

Dear Galina, please note that the payment is settled from your side and well received, our Accounting Department made it OK paid and invoiced your reservation. Best regards”


Dear Reoula, please note that we are working on your request, but as the reservation was made a few minutes ago, we have to allow the hotel some time in order to receive and process our reservation into their system, we will inform you as soon as possible. Kind regards”

20:30 hours our local time…

– Hello? Adda your there?

– Yes Jorhe, hit me with the news.

– Unfortunately we have a book-out situation…

– I already knew that I told you that, give me a positive answer

– We have to relocate the clients in order to do so, we have to search for an alternative hotel, can I call you on this number as soon as I have an alternative hotel for you?

– Yes sure, but please send me an email also with the alternative hotel, please keep in mind to relocate both of the guests as they are traveling together.

Left the office and into the subway, the emergency phone is ringing… that bitter loud noise of a standard Samsung ringtone, the call of the storm into a summer day…

– TA this is Adda…

– This is Jorhe from the book-outs department from Pink, we found an alternative hotel at 700 meters from the original hotel is 10 minutes of walking…

– Same star rating? The same type of room?

– Yes, this hotel is a 3-star hotel the original was a 2-star hotel, the conditions are better and I have sent an email regarding the alternative hotel, please check it.

– I am currently out of office, but as soon as I will have a laptop and an Internet connection I will inform the clients and get back in touch with you, no more than 30 minutes as I am on the road right now.

As soon as I arrived home I opened the laptop and saw the email verified the hotel and call the R.traveling… ignored completely my dog who was not so happy about it 🙂

The clients were not answering their cell phones and we stood on standby until the next day.

Wednesday 11:00 hour our local time

The clients accepted the alternative hotel and they are ready to move any time now.

After contacting our supplier again and resend the alternative hotel, we were asked by the supplier where does the clients spent the previous night and where are they located right now, I find out trough R.traveling that the clients spent the night at the original hotel both into the Twin room that was available for one of the guests and that the clients left the hotel early in the morning, they were in the city center of Paris when the agency who booked through us called them.

The alternative hotel was accepted by the agency and also by the guests.

The end

Waaaaitt! Did you think that was the end? 😉

It never ends… remember that!

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