Day 1 Bucharest – Sofia Sidirokastro 

The Greek Salad Song

September 19th. 2017

Oki-day… I’ve packed my bags since days Sunday all details in their place, I’ve finished my last day of work, left the office and in a few hours, I will go away, away, away! 🙂

  • 04:00 I’m up and going
  • 04:30 Piața Victoriei
  • 04:45 the bus came
  • 05:02 and now we go!

This tour is made by bus and we all know travelling by bus it can be a bit frustrating but when you’re travelling as much as I do… It’s not that bad and you became immune 🙂

We’ve stopped in Sofia Bulgaria for a small city centre tour where we visited Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and a bit of the centre and then we went on our way to Greece.


The closest we got to Greece the more impatient I’ve got. But finally, we’ve crossed Promahonas frontier point. And then to Sidirokastro, small town, by the time we’ve arrived everything was closed.

Regional unit: Series
Municipal unit: Sidirokastro 196,6 km2
Population: 5693 (2011)
Time zone: UTC +2 (summer +3)
Vehicle registration: EP

For Sidirokastro… it’s not much that I can say, it is a small town with not so much things to options most of the shops were closed by the time I’ve arrived so I cannot pronounce myself regarding this first location.
What I can say is Hotel Olympion… well let’s say I had my reservation for a single room but I’ve got a quadruple instead, all for myself :))
Otherwise, the conditions were good in this hotel.

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