Day 3 Athens – Kape Sounion

Kali Mera Song

21st September 2017

Athens – Αθήνα

  • Country: Greece
  • Regional unit: Central Athens
  • Administrative region: Attica
  • Population: 3,7 million (2011)
  • Municipality: 38,964 Km2
  • Time zone: UTC +2, +3 in the summer
  • Vehicle registration: Yxx, Zxx, Ixx

Athens is the capital and the largest city of Greece. It is one of the oldest city with its record history over 3400 years. Athens is in many ways the birthplace of Western civilization.

Inside Athens are 12 hills and the 7 historical ones are:

The Hill of Philippus
Observatory Hill
Acropolis and Lykavittos being the most important.



Cape Sounion – Ακροατήριο Σούνιο

Cape Sounion is noted at the site of ruins of the ancient temple of Poseidon, the God of the sea in classical mythology.

The site is a popular day excursion for tourists from Athens, with the sunset over the Aegean Sea, as viewed from the ruins.


Cape Sounion is located at 63 southwest of Athens. According to the Greek mythology, the Aegean sea was named after the mythological Greek king Aegeus after he flung himself off the cliff, to his death upon the mistaken belief that his son had died.

This ancient tragic tale involves a theme that is still used in the modern storytelling today, which is that of misunderstanding and the tragic consequences that can follow King Aegeus.



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