Day 5 The dream part 1 – Corinth Isthmus 

Flew Half the World – Song

23rd September 2017

Seeing Corinth was my wish for such a long time…

Last year in January I had a dream… I’ve dreamed of a tall man with black hair, we were at the beach admiring an amazing orange sunset and talking
“- I don’t want to sit in a hotel room and go shopping… This is not me, this is not who I am…
– And what to do all day Adriana? To stay out and to do what? He said losing his temper a bit.
– I wish we could travel together, I’ve always wanted to see the Acropolis of Athens again and Syntagma and I’ve always wished to see Corinth it is my dream…” I told the tall man beside me. He didn’t say anything more but next thing I knew, he helped me to climb on a boat and told me that he will wait for me on the bridge in Corinth.

It was something only for me, to have an amazing experience to pass through the canal and then to see it from the bridge. I saw the boat passing through the canal and at about half of the distance, the boat stopped… Suddenly I was seeing myself in 2 plans both up next to the tall man, on the bridge and also in the boat seeing him up on the bridge. From  the upper plan I saw the boat stopped and the captain helped me get down on the boat and start climbing the red-orange wall of Corinth’s canal and from down there I was the captain helped me go down from the boat, he was young skinny and humble he gave me his hand and left me on the red-orange wall. I saw myself climbing up the rocks that looked almost like stairs, looking up I saw him waiting me being serious and maybe worried or inpatient.


Now I am here and I will finally see the Corinth canal…

The Isthmus Corinth is the narrow and land bridge which connects the Peloponnese Peninsula with the rest of the mainland of Greece, near the city of Corinth. The word Isthmus comes from the Ancient Greek word for “neck” and the rest of the narrowness of the land. In the first century AD was found 2 inscriptions.

On towards the East towards Megara, regarding: ” τάδ’ ούχι Πελοπόννησος, άλλ’ Ιωνία” = Here is not Peloponnese, but Ionia.

And one towards the west, towards Peloponnese “τάδ’ έτσι Πελοπόννησος, ούκ Ιωνία” = Here is Peloponnese, not Ionia.


To the west of the Isthmus is the Corinth Gulf and to the east the Saronic Gulf. Near the canal runs an ancient stone trackway, the Diolkos, once used for dragging ships overland.

“Let’s hope you people have a bit of luck and a boat will pass so you can see it exactly like in the pictures.” said our tour guide.

“Oh we don’t need luck, I have very important personalities who watch us from above, I’m sure Zeus and Athena will talk with Poseidon to bring us a boat, I said to myself smiling :).

And there it was…


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