Next stop birthday in Thessaloniki

Κράτα Καρδιά

29.Sept 2017


I adore the times when I return from my travel just to pack my bags for my next one, to work for 1 -2 days and be on the road again. It’s who I really am.

It all started with my tour and a discussion with Irina, my best friend, of how excited I am to finally visit the places that I always dreamed of. 1 week later Irina and Alex, her husband, were planning a similar tour but individual, by car just the 2 of them and when we compared our itineraries we say that I was always 1 day ahead of them and there was no way to meet and have fun… I also said to her that unfortunately this year I will arrive home before my birthday so I will break the tradition and I will not be in Greece for my birthday. As I sat there and looked at Irina, she told me: “we will be there 1 day before your birthday, can you book a hotel for us and for you in Thessaloniki and celebrate all together?”.

3 days later I’ve booked 2 rooms at El Greco hotel to celebrate my birthday in Thessaloniki!!!! yeh!  (that was happening in July)

After my 9-day runaway tour, I have returned home on 28 and went to my office for work on Friday 29th and after my program was finished I went home change my clothes take my bag and leave to a garage where a travel company had their charter buses.

  • At 23:30 the buss left Bucharest we travelled all night.
  • Estimated hour of arrival in Thessaloniki: 11:00, 30.09.2017
  • Real Time of arrival in Thessaloniki: 08:00, 30.09.2017

Too early to check-in at the hotel, but not too early to realize that Irina and Alex were on their way coming from Zakynthos to Thessaloniki and also my mother was returning from Parga – Preveza with our relatives, because when it comes to travelling… we are all Greeks! 😀


So here I am in Thessaloniki at 08:30 a.m. going to Aristotelous Square and going to Tsimisky street since tomorrow will be the official day of my birthday I might just go shopping for tonight’s outfit.

After shopping, I went to Estrella, a very nice place where you can have breakfast, coffee and dessert.DSC_3259On the first plate, there were pancakes with melted gouda cheese, ham, rucolla and a sauce made out of beets and mayonnaise.

DSC_3258On the second plate and my favourite dish, was on the bottom κουλουρι τησ θεσσαλονικης flattened like a pizza sheet (κουλουρι τησ θεσσαλονικης is the pretzel of Thessaloniki that has saseme seeds; there will be a picture in the next articles), on this base it was tomato puree, feta cheese, 2 eggs and 2 sauces, one of the sauces made out of beets and mayonnaise and the other one made with salty cream cheese and horseradish. It was a blast!

DSC_3261On the last plate, it was a new invention called Μπουγατσάν, which is an interesting combination between Bougatsa crema (Greek pastry with vanilla cream wrapped in filo pastry, served with powdered sugar and cinnamon) and croissant with ice cream chocolate and banana.

It was an experience… regarding this desert Either you like it, either you don’t there’s no middle for it, I love Bougatsa crema for me that is the perfect combination for other may not be.

After my mom came and made some pictures at the White Tower, I went to then to Agios Demetrios church where we staid a few minutes and then we said our goodbyes, they left and at that moment the phone started to ring, It was Irina letting me know that they will arrive soon at the hotel I was on my way to the hotel and we meet in from at the hotel in about the same time.

At night we ate at a tavern near Aristotelus Square the food was ok, we laugh and tell our stories regarding our travel and what we saw and said jokes until late.


The next day they left and this day was full of congrats, Facebook posts of happy birthday from all my friends, the telephone was ringing all day long and on this day I’ve decided to go to the White Tower, and visit the inside museum, as I saw it once a few years ago but I wanted to see it again and go on top of the tower to see all Thessaloniki.

And of course, no visit in Thessaloniki will be complete if I’m not saying hello to king Alexander which was celebrating also with me or having a battle with the colourful bubbles from OPAP and I also went under the famous umbrellas of Thessaloniki and look at the sea and at the ships for some moments.

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