Athens is calling part 1

Athens is calling – Song

What do you do when the summer is over the vacation is over and you finished the travel plans you had for that year so far?

I was in my office in a big new building in the centre of Bucharst replying to a client when all the sudden I’ve stopped for a second and watched through the big window, outside to the chaotic traffic… “-So that is it hm..? I’ve said to my self, the summer left and the autumn took its place, my birthday passed and no more plans… but it was a great year… all those weekend jumps in the bus to Thessaloniki and from Thessaloniki Monday morning straight in the office, all the weekends running on Saturday at 01:00 am to the seaside and coming back at night… Well let’s hope for the best and here’s to all the Gr

eek Gods, to

  • Poseidon who made the seas clear and clam for me;
  • Hermes who gave me the taste of travel and ease my way of travel;
  • Athina Goddess of reason, wisdom, intelligence, skill, peace who made me the way I am;
  • Asklepios who I’ve asked to heal me of love or whatever I had;
  • Dionysos god of wine and party who made me discover the parties and the Greek wine… (ammm I think Irina made me discover the Greek wine but that is another story 🙂 )
  • Apollo who made me find all the songs that I am adding in each article;
  • Even Hera Queen of the gods, and goddess women, childbirth, heirs, kings, and empires, who sent me the birds with that original sign
  • And Zeus God among all Greek Gods for smileing at me and clear my way to come home in Greece.”
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One hour later:

Message text:”come in Athens on Friday night, the Gods misses you”

Inspiring enough to awake the ticket seeker from me, I went online on Momodo as there you can find all the flights combinations for the requested period and all the companies from where you can buy the ticket I’ve found the flight:

Friday takeoff from OPT  17:30 – arrival in ATH at 20:00 price 85 Euro, SOLD!


Here I am under the moonlight of Athens where love and happiness never ends the program for these days would be similar to the one I’ve made in the 9 tour starting next day with a city tour of Athens visiting the Acropolis and at evening Cape Sounion the cruise in the islands and the Delphi, Meteora and Kalambaka, but I don’t mind as long as I am in Greece and I can love and laugh I am happy.


This time I will visit a bit differently, maybe do what a guide does at least pretend I am one, as this was my dream when I was very young, a dream that did not come true so why not just play the game.

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