Athens is calling, part 3 the ship

I will take a traveller – Song

Elder people say that a person is lucky when a Greek God loves them, but when The Greek God loves you, nothing can stand in you the way of your happiness.
A sunny and warm October day stared in Athens and today is the cruise on the 3 Saronic Islands Hydra, Poros and Aegina.
Poseidon did a favor for his brother Zeus and made the sea clear and calm so that the ship can sail to the islands.
After a lovely greek frappe, I’ve managed to wake up and enjoy the clear bright sky, the sea of an unreal blue, the breeze, smiles and small talks.
Our first stop was in Hydra and while the tourists were stopping at the tavernas in the port to drink a greek coffee, we went on the narrow streets full of donkeys, cats, and beautiful bougainvillea flowers to visit the Cathedral of the Assumption of Virgin Mary.
is at the center of the main port and is the Metropolis of Hydra island. The inauguration of the Temple was before the 17th century.
The Temple today is a live museum of art but is also the most important Chruch of Hydra.

The second stop was in Poros and while the tourists were stopping in the port to enjoy the local lemon or orange ice cream from the port or going up at the highest point of Belvedere, we decided to wonder on the picturesque narrow empty streets of Poros and enjoy the peace and quiet, smile and make wonderful memories and beautiful promises.

The third stop was on Aegina island and we took the tour around the island and to Agios Nectarios and after the tour, we stopped in the port at a pistachio shop where I bought the famous Greek pistachio baked with salt and drizzled with lemon and pistachio liqueur.

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