The story worth telling

Kalimera – Song


What do you do when you want to escape the chaos of Bucharest, you miss Greece, you want to eat gyros and drink a frappe?

I don’t know about you but in this kind of moments, I go to Greece.

  • 1st step: I open the computer
  • 2nd step: search on Momondo and find an airplane ticket
  • 3rd step: pack my bags
  • 4th step: get on the plane and fly away.

But you see it’s almost too simple if it was that simple the story was not worth to tell…

Where can I go for one day if on Saturday I am seeing my Irina and on Monday I have to be at the office?

Athens would be the answer. And so it begins… I have chosen my destination searched for my airplane ticket and the result was as shown below:

  • 1. Departure 05.08. OTP 13:45 – arrival in ATH 16:55 – company Ryanair
  • 2. Departure 06.08 ATH 08:25 – arrival in OTP 10:15 – company Aegean

The total cost for the following ticket: OTP-ATH-OTP = 68€

And here is getting interesting, Ryanair has this “funny policy” when you make 2 searched in a row for the same route and date it means you are interested and you are 80% decided to book that flight so they raise the rate.

I searched the first time I looked over the details, read the terms and conditions and in order to be sure that nothing had changed I refresh the page and… surprise! The rate has changed 78€.

As I thought it could be a system error I refresh the page again… 89€.

Ok, that’s not nice… but whatever let’s book and get over with it, but after I have completed the passenger details and go to the next step the total cost of the ticket was 112€ and that almost pissed me off for a second.

And then I’ve smiled as a brilliant idea was developing in my mind.

I am working in tourism and the experience that I gained over the years, makes my mind give birth to great ideas I could almost kiss myself for this idea.

What if I book 2 one way tickets? What this way the ticket is cheaper? But not as simple and as usual as it could be and defiantly not one on the time as I can risk booking a one-way ticket and end out without the return ticket.

I was searching for the ticket on Google Chrome so I’ve opened Mozilla Firefox also and did the following:

1. I’ve searched on Mozilla a one-way ticket 05.08 – OTP – ATH company Ryanair

2. I’ve searched on Google Chrome a one-way ticket 06.08 – ATH – OTP company Aegean.

The total cost for both one-way ticket was 78€ and NOT 112€, ha! Take that Ryanair!

24h later I was notified by Ryanair that my flight skedule had changed instead of departing time 13:45 the new departing time was 12:45.

Ok, no worries, one extra hour for me in Greece 😊.

48h later I was notified again by Ryanair that my flight skedule had changed… this time the new departure hour was 06:45 arrival in ATH at 08:30.

Ok no worries thanks to all Greek Gods I am staying in Alymos and my hotel is a 10 minute walk to the beach, so the final plan is to spend half of the day at the beach where I will enjoy that Fredo cappuccino, in the evening I will have my gyros and later on one Pina colada.


03:30 a.m. wake-up
04:00 a.m. take a taxi and go to the airport
04:36 arriving at the airport
05:30 passport control
06:45 departure from Henry Coanda airport Bucharest
08:20 arriving at Eleftherios Venizelos airport in Athens
08:40 passport control
09:00 leaving the airport and going to Alymos area
09:35 arriving in the location and how to start a Greek day if not with a Greek breakfast and coffee.
The image below has a Greek Colouri (greek sesame pretzel) with ham and Philadelphia cream cheese that Fredo cappuccino that I was dreaming about.

I’ve checked in at the hotel refresh and went to the beach where I’ve spent a good part of my day, writing my article, enjoying the sun and the sea.


In Alymos the beach is with gravel, but it has a smooth entrance to the sea, the water is warm, clean and very salty. It is a public beach but it also has sun beds and umbrellas from the near beach bar, Penarubya.

For one person one sun bed and the umbrella costs 5€

1 frappe 2.5€
1 bottle of water 0.5 l, 0.5€
The chicken sandwich that I’ve eaten was a bit expansive but it worth every bite.
The chicken was grilled, salt paper and a drizzle of olive oil the baguette was crisper out and worm half with yogurt sauce and the other half with avocado paste with lemon and nutmeg, a mix of 3 color papers and fresh lettuce, served with crispy fried “nachos”.


At night we choose medium kebab that had 2 pork kebab meat, a grilled tomato, a grilled pepper onion and pita gyros, a chicken kebab and fried feta cheese with a crust of corn flour and sesame.

24 hours worth telling about

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