Lefkada – the story continues

For those who do not know Onassis was a great conqueror of hearts and a collector of important people, as was the case with Jackie Kennedy.

Looking back into history, powerful men choose power instead of love.
Even if they loved a woman they did not choose her but, the one they like and not love to keep their heads straight and their feet on the ground.

Nowadays if you stay on a sunbed on Nidri’s beach and watch Skorpios Island, it looks like someone greets you from the other side of the island it is so close to Nidri that your mind plays games whit you that you can star stepping on water and take a walk till there.

What to eat:
Greek salad: or lahanika salad (vegetable salad), it contains Feta cheese, cucumbers, red onion, tomatoes, green pepper, olives, dressed with lemon juice and olive oil.
Wherever you go in Greece, there are some basic things that you should try:
Gyros on the plate: it is chicken or pork meat with onions tomatoes, french fries, tzatziki sauce and pita bread.
Seafood such as calamari, grilled octopus, small fishes, garides (shrimps): in Greece the seafood is tasty and fresh, and it’s worth to try it.
In Greece, all food comes either with French fries, either with rice, either with both 😀 and also with a quarter of a lemon.  The lemon’s role is not decorative but to dress all the food with its juice, Greeks use it on all their food.
For dessert, I’ve chosen almonds coated in caramel and sesame.

What to drink:
Coffee and not any coffee but the typical frappe “metrio me gala” (medium sweet and with milk) of course.
Early in the morning, it can be difficult finding someone to make you frappe, but you can try this cafe latte you can buy this alternative from any supermarket. Please don’t forget about Amita.
Amita is a natural nectar juice that has different flavours. In the below picture, you can see my favourites.

Frappe, Caffe Latte, Amita, Fruitelie

What to do in Lefkada:
For nightlife and young people go to Nidri.
If you want to go on excursions, there is the one to the Ionian islands that I’ve talked about it in a previous article Parga.
A tour of the island’s beaches by boat and I am sure there are other excursions you can experience.
You should visit Lefkada town and admire the boats and yachts in the port.
If you go in a certain period of the year, you can be lucky enough to see the flamingos

Top 5 Beaches in Lefkada:
1.  Porto Katsiki – the uninhabited queen of the beaches of Lefkada, it is famous for the turquoise colour of the sea.
2. Egremni – perhaps the most spectacular beach of Lefkada. Due to an earthquake on17th November 2015, it has become inaccessible by foot. No worries you can visit it by boat.
3. Nidri – is beautiful, with gravel, and the opposite is the small islands Heloni, Scorpio and Madouri. It is also the starting point for the annual event of the Ionian Regatta that takes place in September and is one of the largest yachting events on the Mediterranean Sea. On the beach, there are restaurants, shops, taverns and bars.
4. Milos – the access to this beach can be done either by water or by land, climbing and descending a hill. If you want to see a spectacular sunset, this is the ideal place.
5. Vasiliki – If you like windsurfing that is the place to go and even if you don’t do this sport it’s nice to admire those who do it.

I’ve visited Lefkada around my birthday, and celebrate it alone at the beach.
I was admiring the sky, and all those clouds were looking like hearts.
The stones were heart-shaped, and even the water had hearts in it.

An unexpected surprise
I was not expecting anything, from anyone and while I sat on my sunbed and waiting the day to end, watching Skorpios Island and wondering what happened with Onassis’s boats, I had received out of the blue, a bouquet of roses.
A bouquet of roses just like Maria Callas received from Onassis, but mine was not signed.
I do not know up till this moment who did it.
Thinking what Onassis did to Callas, I was not interested to receive the same treatment, so I never wanted to get in contact with the one who sent me the flowers.

Overall Lefkada is a beautiful island that I wish to return to, and enjoy the best places as I planned out on the first time.
I wish I will go on a boat, near Skorpios Island.
I wish I can stop up stair at Porto Katsiki.
See the sunset at Milos beach and the windsurfers at Vasiliki.
I wish to drink coffee in the port of Lefkada town and see the centre.
I wish to see Flamingos.
And go for a walk in Nikiana and make a tour of the island.

My dog Google and his face whenever I make my bags 🙂

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