A dream came true – Easter in 2 destinations

– What do you want to be when you will grow?
– A traveller, I said.

When I was 7, I didn’t know what is guide or tour leader, but I knew deep in my heart, that I want to travel the world and find my place in it.

I was 18 when I first travelled, that year I’ve been to Spain in March and in August to Greece.
When I first stepped foot in Greece, Thessaloniki was the first stop of that vacation, I felt instantly home, the sun’s in my eyes, the heat was in my hair, they seem to love me because I was there, it was magic everywhere.

“Will you like to celebrate Easter în Peloponnese?”
What do you think came next?
Analyze my options: airplane tickets, bus tickets?
The airplane tickets were very expensive, and the only available bus that was going to Peloponnese was from Lilian express company, with the below details:
Departure from Bucharest Thursday 14:00 arriving in Patras – Peloponnese Friday 20:00.
I was willing to do it because the Greek Gods were calling, and as I never saw the Greek Easter before.

At that time, I was working at a travel agency, and my colleague who had groups in Athens, told me:
-Do you know Athens?
-Yes, I’ve been there many times, and to many city tours of Athens.
-Listen to me, I will send you with the group in Athens for Easter, I know you want to celebrate the Easter in Peloponnese.

In that moment my dream came true, being a tour leader, a “traveller”.

Day 1: …Apr 2018
I had all my details and documents regarding the group that I will assist, but on my way to the airport, it was too quiet.
I checked the details that the tourist received regarding my telephone number aaaand panic! 😀 The number was incorrect.
When I arrived at the airport, I started to meet with the tourists, and I gave them the correct telephone number, but no one called me anyway. I had calm and nice tourists.
We arrived in Athens, where my local partner Mr. Akis was waiting for us, I will tell you how and when I’ve met Mr. Akis in a future article.
We’ve made the transfer arrived at the hotel made the check-in.
Me: We will meet here in the lobby at 20:00 to go together to the cathedral to see where you have to go tomorrow night to “take light”.
I made the reservations and all the preparations for the optional excursions which followed in the coming days, discuss at the reception and with Mr. Akis a few minutes, and 19:55 happen.
I went into my room to leave my bag and went back down to meet with the group.
Along with my group, there were a few tourists from another group that wanted to go to the cathedral, and we went together.
Everyone was smiling, relaxing, admiring, and laughing.
When we arrived, everyone said good night and spread out to discover the wonders of Athens, eat and participate at the procession.

Day 2:
This day started with Athens bus tour, we went to Acropolis, and last for the day, a walking tour through Plaka and towards the hotel.
I wished everyone happy Easter, I took my bag and I went to the bus station KTEL, where I bought a ticket to Aegio, the story of my life. 😀
When I bought the bus ticket, the bus already was leaving the station, earlier than was scheduled.
Do you know that feeling of pride when you’ve made everything like a pro, and it was your first time?
Well, I didn’t had it anymore after I lost the bus, even if it wasn’t my fault the bus has left the station before time.
I waited, and I waited, I thought that maybe, the transportation area is working on the same mentality sign-sign.
At some point, I asked someone what is happening with the buss, and they told me:
“We do siga-siga with people we know, but the transportation is never siga-siga”.
Great, and now what?
They redirected me to the responsible for the parking area, and he told me that the time I’ve bought the ticket, the bus already left.
He gave a telephone to the tickets office, he blocked a seat on the next bus, and he modified with a pencil the next hour.
Parking officer: Sit here and don’t move until I tell you to.
The bus came so I wanted to get on the bus.
Parking officer: Sit down, the driver is going to the bathroom. I will tell you when to take the bus. For the first time in my adult life, I felt like a child, when my mother told me what to do. 😀
Parking officer: What is your name?
Me: Adriana.
Parking officer: Ok when the driver calls your name you know you are in Aegio.
Me: Ευχαριστω κυριε, αλλα το ξερω να διαβαζω στο Ελληνικα. – (Thank you sir, but I know to read in Greek). I might be blonde but I know my way around, I am not a child.
Parking officer: Σκατα! Και τωρα λεις;

I’ve arrived in Aegio, and the Greek Gods sent a car for me to arrive at my final destination. 🙂

I arrived at the hotel where they served a traditional dinner made from lamb soup, stake, salad and red eggs.
At night, I went to the local church where I participated at the Easter ceremony.
The sky was full of fireworks, more than at New Year’s Eve.
On our way back to the hotel, the orange trees had both, fruits and flowers the smell was amazing.

Day 3
Traditionally in the orthodox church, we go to the church, not only at night to “take the light”, but also the next day morning, so I visited Saint Andrew church, in Patras, which is the biggest church from Balkans.
But every visit in Patras must end with a bougatsa or a trigonopanoramiko.

Back at the hotel there was organized a traditional lunch, with live Greek music, the traditional roasted lamb, red wine and other tasty foods.
The sun was shining, and it felt like a summer day.

Day 4
I left Peloponnese to greet the Corinth canal, which is one of my favourite places in Greece.
Every time I am passing by, a boat passes through the canal, but this time I actually saw aship.

The adventure continues high on the mountain at Saint Patapios, in Loutraki.
The Monastery of St. Patapios, is located 14km from Loutraki, Greece, at an elevation of some 700m on the Granai mountains.
The monastery is within the jurisdiction of the Metropolis of Korinthos of the Church of Greece.

Day 5
Time to return with the group home…
But before leaving, I had time for a coffee, so I decided to go to Mikel coffee shop. Mikel is one of my favorite places to drink coffee in Greece, and if i don’t have a Mikel in my area, my second alternative is The Island Café.
Like they say in the movie My Life in Ruins, “everyone should take time for a coffee”.

I also had time to shop and eat, so I went to Hondos Center mall, which was nearby, only 5 minutes of walking, from the Titania Hotel.
I bought some things that I normally buy from Greece, and I went to the last floor of the mall, to have lunch and enjoy the nice view of Acropolis.

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