Things to do/ try in Thessaloniki

Inspired by DCR Adventures

I was browsing Today, on lunch break I was browsing on FaceBook, and I saw this article posted by I was browsing DCR Adventures.

Have you visited the second biggest town in Greece?

If you did, could you mention a place you liked?

At that point, I got activated like a Greek Wikipedia that I am, and I started the below list:

  • A decent place to stay is El Greco Hotel 3*
  • Savvikos (Σαββικος) – It is a tavern with good food and decent prices traditional foods, reinterpreted with a modern twist, good salads and burgers.
  • Tsimiski Street – the famous street with brand name shops, practically an open-air mall.
  • Egnatia Street – it is also full of shops but more accessible in price.
  • Estrella – is the place where you can have the best and delicious breakfast or brunch.
  • Mikel is the place for people who enjoy coffee with milk. And it is my favorite coffee.
  • Coffee Island is an alternative for people who enjoy classic coffee.
  • The White Tower / Λευκός Πύργος the entrance costs around 6- 8 Euro. Inside the tower is the Thessaloniki museum with its evolution, and from the top of the tower, you can enjoy the view over Thessaloniki.
  • Near the statue of Great Alexander is the Bypass road. it has 1 km, at night the route is marked with red lights, and it is a project whereby the state encourages people to walk/run this kilometer for heart health.
  • To παγωτό/ The Ice cream
  • Bougatsa crema – a great dessert with vanilla and cinnamon
  • And it’s sweater alternative Trigono panoramatos
  • Thessaloniki’s Castle go at sunset at night or to enjoy the scenery above Thessaloniki.
  • To κουλουρι (pretzel) – but before snack on it, you might experience your creative side with it.

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