Travel bags and the secret to make your life easy

Do you take the whole wardrobe with you?
Do you complain that you never have space in your travel bag?
Does it take half a day to make your bags?
Do you forget things at home?
Do you want all above to end up fast and efficiently?
Then I will share with you my little secret.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… A list.

photo credit – non sponsored, just needed free pictures

A list can help you make your bags fast, avoid to forget things at home, and take only what you need.
My opinion is that you need to start thinking of what will you need for your next vacation at list 2 weeks before the event. At list, until you get the idea of making a list.

Here is what you need to do:
Take a break, grab a pencil and paper or your phone’s sticky notes app.

  • Think about how many days will you travel – you will need 1.5 outfits every day, which means a skirt or pants could easily go one more time with another blouse, shirt etc
  • What is the itinerary of your travel – depending on what you do each day you will know when you need comfortable clothes, sport, elegant, etc
  • What medicine you need – the usual medicine that you will most likely take, I usually have something for headaches and maybe for stomach
  • What electronic do you need and if you will really use them – chargers, Kindle, electric toothbrush, remember that you are going on a vacation and you need to enjoy it without too much electronics.
  • What cosmetics do you need – try travel size kits

Now I want you to think about what will you need from your list and what you don’t.

You will always need:

  • A towel
  • Intimate lingerie
  • A small refreshing kit
  • A small hygiene kit
  • A small cosmetic kit
  • Clothes
  • Chargers/ the minimum electronics
  • Shoes

Always think of what you need, and avoid big containers, big bottles and extra stuff.
If you have your products in a big size that’s fine, you just need to buy some reusable small containers, that you can fill up with your favorite cosmetics.

Photo credit – non sponsored, just needed free pictures

Note that most hotels provide a small kit of hygiene that has shampoo, soap and shower gel.
Once the products are being used, they will be replaced with new ones.
If you don’t have sensitive skin that needs special products, go for it, those things are a few that you don’t have to put in your bag.

Photo credit – non sponsored, just needed free pictures

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