Birthday tradition

It all started with a wish. It always is.
when it comes to travel, let’s say I’m the travel fairy, I make travel wishes come true. 😛

My wish was that I would celebrate my birthday in Greece, and I would have a proper cake.
It came true that year, 2010 Birthdays in Olympic Beach.
And I had a proper cake with a ladybug on it, I love ladybugs.

2016 – A friend of mine, remembered that after my birthday, in 2010 I tagged him to celebrate his birthday across Europe.
We remembered that time, we laugh, and I wrote back to him:
“This year I will celebrate my birthday in Greece it’s a promise!”
I completely forgot what I’ve said, but I found a great last-minute deal for Lefkada.
The offer was in the same period as my birthday.

This time I had no cake waiting for me, no one to celebrate with, except my mother, and 2 crazy women who followed me step by step.
So my cake was a big seafood plater this time.
I like to believe that whenever you need a miracle you will receive it.
I need it not to be alone on that birthday and out of the blue, I received a bouquet of flowers.
Up until this moment, I do not know who sent those flowers, and I am not interested in finding out, but it was just what I needed.

2017 – This year I’ve decided that it’s already a tradition for me, to celebrate my birthdays in Greece.
I’ve planned to celebrate my birthday in Thessaloniki this time, and I’ve decided to celebrate it with my friends who share my passion for Greece.
No cake this time either, but an interesting desert let’s say.

2018 – i was blocked in Bucharest at work, no cake and nothing fancy but I celebrate it 3 times with friends, friends and family .

2019 – this year I decided to keep the tradition and celebrate my birthday in Greece.
In October I will step out of my childhood and into maturity.
My wish for this birthday is, at list 1 cake if not 3, at list 1 party if not 3, at list 1 adventure if not 3.
I wonder where will my wish bring me this time. 🙂

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