2019 birthday in Atens

What about we run away in Athens and keep the tradition there this year?
So here I am talking with my friends, Irina and her husband Alex, and thinking that we can have a double birthday.
Their baby’s birthday and my birthday are around the same period.They left Friday and arrive in Athens on the same night I, on the other hand, took a d-tour.
I left Saturday morning, sleep that night in Thessaloniki, next day I’ve visited a bit of Thessaloniki, Agios Paraskevi in the Tempi Valley, greet Leonisa’s statue at Thermopile, pass trough Larissa and arrive in Athens Sunday evening.

That evening we had our dinner all together celebrate little Eros

The unexpected, expected

Remember how I wished to be a guide and came true?
Well, since then, I became one, and I am one even on my holidays. 😀
When I arrived in Athens, I’ve received a phone call with a kind request to take care of a few tourists for the next day.
I did not know their names or other details, just how many will come on the cruise and that a bus will wait for us in front of the hotel.

Monday is for ships and islands

We took the traditional one day cruise, to the 3 islands Hydra, Poros and Aegina where we laugh and enjoy our time together, under the warm sun gladly, breath the salty air and admire the blue sea and clear sky.

Greetings from Poros with my best friend Irene

We arrived back to Athens at dusk.
That evening, I had Zeus smiles, I took little Eros to be my date, and we celebrated my birthday in advance. 😀

What do we see here?

The itinerary for the next day was city tour in Athens, Acropolis and shopping or lunch in Plaka and, in the evening an excursion named “sunset at Cape Sounion”.
Unfortunately, the first part of the day it rained in Athens constantly, and people started thinking about what will they do at Cape Sounion if it will continue raining.

I’m sure Zeus and Poseidon will not let us down, if we think positive thoughts, I said a few times comfort people.
In the bus, I had the opportunity to tell the legend from Cape Sounion, we enter the site where the temple of Poseidon awaited us, and the best scenery with the sun setting gracefully in the sea was right before our eyes.

It was magic, and then a question happened.
lady: – What do we see here?!?
I looked at Irene, she looked at me shocked, we both looked at her husband, we looked at each other.
my mind: … instantly mindfuck.

me: – Your excursion, sunset at Cape Sounion.
Irene: – Isn’t it obvious enough?
lady: – I don’t get it.
Alex: – Apparently, not enough obvious.
lady no. 2: – What did we pay to see here?
my mind: – Oh, boy…
me: – The Temple of Poseidon and the sunset.
According to National Geographic, the sunset from Cape Sounion is one of the best sunsets.
Lady: – When does the sunset between the Temple’s columns?
me: – Somewhere in June.
Lady: – Oh, but we are almost in October.
my mind: I can’t believe this is happening.
Alex’s mind and look: No shit lady…

The last day we decided to go to Bolivar Beach, which is a few minutes from the hotel, to relax and eat great things.

So, I guess dreams come true after all.
I wanted to keep the tradition by, celebrating my birthday in Greece, and I did.
I wanted an adventure, and I had it, and there is yet to come. 🙂

In order to respect personal data, some names and discussions were slightly modified.

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