The 30st anniversary

Ladies and gentlemen I would like to thank you all for all the kind wishes and all the lovely surprises.

I thought the 30th birthday should be something big in every person’s life, but I did not expect so many lovely surprises.
I would like to share with you, what happened around my birthday and hope you enjoy as much I did.

Saturday Pre-Birthday:

My best friend Madalina, who I know for 25 years, decided to celebrate the day with me, by taking me and her kids in ” the children’s town” (a park for children) and I literary did all that her children did.
In the evening we had a rustic grown-up dinner.

The midnight surprise

I was telling Madalina, that I’ve got the flu, as the “great” birthday present.
“I feel like 180 years old dragon.”
I told her I am going to sleep because I don’t feel so well.
5 minutes later, my mother was in my room and asking me to help her with something urgently.
Another couple of minutes later, I hear an of noise coming from my room, I enter the room and start looking around it wast a birthday song.

-What the crap is this coming from? Make it stop, we will wake up the neighbours, what is this?
I heard someone singing from the kitchen.
I left my room and went into the kitchen and there she was, my best friend, that I’ve met in the kindergarten’s bathroom while she was eating soap, and I was eating glue, (oh yeah we knew back then we are on the same wavelength) she was singing happy birthday holding a cake.

The birthday

Between the messages and phone calls, I’ve managed to arrive at my office where another surprise was sitting right on my desk.
It was made by my colleague Alexandra, who actually is reading my articles. 🙂

Between e-mails, groups and reservations, another set of personal messages and phone calls, I left the office and went home where another surprise expected me. This one was made by my mother.

October fest

That moment in the year, when you need to ease the pass from the warm summer to cold winter, it is called autumn, but we also call it October fest. 😀
We celebrate October fest at the end of September, or in November.
I think this is the first time when we actually celebrate October fest, it in October, and that is only because I wanted to prolong the party under the excuse it was my birthday. :))

Our October fest definition is, hang around with friends, laugh, barbecue a hunk of meat for many hours, until it turns out the perfect stake you ever ate, drink hot wine or warm tea and enjoy the cold fresh air combined with pinewood smoke from the grill like so.

Like Greek families dinners

And because family is family and we always celebrate together, we gather to have a “light small dinner” together and plan our next travels and adventures. Because I made the invitations, I’ve cooked a “few” things, except for the cake. 🙂
This part of the gathering, eating together it is very Greek to me, and you know what is also Greek? My grandmother’s living room. 😀

My wishes for this birthday were:
– At list 1 cake if not 3, – I had 4 cakes
– At list 1 party if not 3 – I had 4 parties
– At list 1 adventure if not 3 – I had 3
The pictures speak by themselves.
Thank you is all that I can say and I hope I can bring smiles on your birthdays also.

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