The Job fair – Autumn edition

Let’s talk about an event that happened last weekend in Bucharest.

One important event, in Bucharest last weekend, was the job fair organised at Sala Palatului, in the centre of our capital.
I participate there to represent the company I work for. 😉

The biggest career fair in Bucharest returns to the Palace Hall on October 25-26.
This autumn’s edition is based on diversity and brings together 130 companies that are ready to offer over 6,000 jobs in Bucharest in areas such as:

  • Accounting & Finance,
  • Tourism
  • Customer & Support,
  • IT&C,
  • Engineering,
  • Logistics Procurement,
  • Sales,
  • Human Resources,
  • Marketing & PR

What would be a fair without a good laugh, so here we have as always some funny statements and questions along with some funny picture (photo credit pixabay):

  • Ah tourism agency I like to travel, scan my CV
    My mind: … sure, why not.

– Ah this matrimonial fair is a great many girls, so much option
my mind: … dude, no…

Him: – Do you know X company?
Me: Yes
Him: – I work there and I want to leave from there, what can you offer?

Man – Do you want a well paid job?
Me: – No, I have one, thank you.

Babe: – Do you want to travel and have a load of money?
Me: – I do travel and no, I do not want to work in a video-chat
Babe: – But how did you… ?
Me: – Judging by your approach and by your stile, wish you a lovely day!

Please let me know if you will like to read a list of monthly events, or if you wish to know about each or part of the events that are happening in Bucharest or in Romania 🇷🇴.

Also should my dog Google start a new career? 😁

my dog Google ready for an interview

Photo credit for free images Pixabay

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