Bucharest’s December Events

Some of you requested an event calendar for Bucharest, thank you for the request.

I think this is a great idea for tourists who want to know what they can do around the city this period.

I did not add all the events happening in the town this period, as it would be a long and at some point boring.
When I travel, I often stay out, not inside. I like to discover the “underground” life, what people do not necessarily name fanciness.

01 Dec

Great Union Day the national holiday in Romania, celebrated on 1 December, marking the unification of Transylvania, Besarabia, and Bucovina with the Romanian Kingdom in 1918. This holiday was declared after the Romanian Revolution and commemorates the assembly of the delegates of ethnic Romanians held in Alba Iulia, which declared the Union of Transylvania with Romania

06 Dec

Saint Nicholas Day ( Sf. Nicolae) Saint Nicholas Day celebrated on the 6th of Dec, in Western Christian countries, and December 19 in Eastern Christian countries on the Old Calendar.
In the eve of saint Nicolas, the children clean their boots before going to sleep, hoping that Saint Nicolas or “saint winter” how was called in the elder times, will bring them a small present.
Legend has it that the naughty children will receive a stick and coals for their naughtiness, and those who were good would receive nice presents, usually st. Nicolas brings sweets and candy, not big presents.

25 – 26 Dec – Christmas

31 Dec – The new year’s eve

Now let’s get to our events.


01-02 Dec: Subcarpați 2019 – the band is celebrating its anniversary, and we all celebrate the National Day in the heated tent at the Roman Arenas.

07 Dec: Ice, Ice Metal – at Quantic Club

09 Dec: Niels Broos & Jamie Peet la Jazz Nouveau concert

13 Dec: Alternosfera at Romexpo Pavilion A- Postscriptum in Babel

14 Dec: Bucovina – The traditional holiday concert – at the Roman arenas

15 Dec: To the South, Bluebird – album launch – at Expirat Club

18 Dec: Vienna Crystal Christmas Concert – at Bucharest National Opera

23 Dec: Stefan Hrusca “Romanian Carols” – at Bucharest National Theater “I. L. Caragiale”

Exhibition & good deeds:

06 – 08 Dec: Alandala Festival – at Romexpo pavilion B – The first festival dedicated to children, Alandala, combines all the elements needed to create a dream world for children of all ages.

14 Dec: The tree with good deeds – at Expirat Club – We organized an artistic program, both for small and big people: carols, theatre, animated films and concerts.

Bring a pack with whatever you can offer, sweets, snacks, toys and games, new clean clothes and shoes, hygiene products, storybooks, school supplies, or blankets.

Daily: Victor Babeș (1854-1926) – Principles, values, legacies – at Victor Babes Museum, Bucharest, entrance: 15 Ron – The museum contains objects related to the activity of the great scholar and explanations regarding his discoveries, in various exhibition environments.

Christmas fairs:

15 Dec: The Winter Dream Fair – at Impact Hub University – Over 50 exhibitors will be waiting for you with jewellery, designer clothes, accessories, cosmetics, toys, Christmas ornaments, honey and lavender products, or even cakes!

18 – 23 Dec: The Chrstmas fairs Vienna and Budapest – at Piata Unirii Bucharest – Over 150 festively decorated stands, offers traditional handmade items, Christmas ornaments and delicious culinary specialities.

28 Nov – 26 Dec: Bucharest Christmas Market – at Piata Constitutiei – The people can enjoy concerts and shows, a traditional fair consisting of over 100 little houses, as well as a gastronomic area with warm seasonal dishes and a spectacular Christmas tree, 30 meters high.

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