The Christmas Markets – Sibiu § Brasov

What a day…

Christmas is coming and with it, and with it, comes the joy and the Christmas Spirit.

I say that along with it, comes chaos, nerve raking, crowdedness, scrimmage, humidity, dirt instead, and Christmas markets.

They call me Grinch because they think I cannot enter the Christmas spirit. But the reality is that I hate the chaos, I hate when people get crazy over presents, in stores, at shopping, the dirt and humidity and cold, and very bad weather. That’s what I don’t like, and I try to avoid it as much as I can, especially chaos and chaotic people going shopping.

But at last, there are Christmas markets, those places are the only ones, where people take a break, relax, stop the chaos, eat something, buy stuff, and listen to the x-mas songs, calmly.

I saw so many advertisements that the Christmas market from Sibiu, that it rises to the height of the Vienna Christmas market, and I decided to stress all my family off, to experience Sibiu’s hospitality, their traditional dishes, warm up with some hot wine, and enjoy the spirit while having fun.

06:30 a.m. – woke up

07:00 a.m. – arriving at my uncle house

07:30 a.m. – leaving Bucharest

We laugh and tasted some Japanese snacks, on the road, I will tell you more in a future article.

By the time we arrived at Sibiu, it was already lunchtime, and we were starving.

The atmosphere was sad, the weather was very bad, cold and the food was the most expensive thing I ever saw.

So we went to the Christmas market from Sibiu, and we eat at Mc Donald’s Sibiu. 😀

We were so disappointed, as there was nothing special at that market, no spirit, no grandiosity, no joy, not even music.

We decided to grab a snack and go to Brasov’s Charismas Market, hoping that we will enjoy the traditional food there.

We arrived in Brașov, and after half of hour of searching for a parking place, we found it and went to piața Sfatului where the Christmas market was.

The atmosphere was exactly like a Christmas market should be.
The Christmas tree was beautiful, the songs were sung, the people were happy, there was hot wine aaaaand…. no food. 😀

Not even a cookie, we walked around enjoying the spirit and the landscape we stopped at a shop and we found găluște cu prinde date prin zahar și scorțișoară, it’s something I eat very rarely but whe I do I really enjoy it.

Near the market, a Greek tavern was “yelling” at us 😁 so tempting we sent many hours of quality time with the family, in a car talking about the next summer holiday that we will spend in Greece😁

Taking into consideration that by this time, we were starving and that we stubbornly wanted to try something within the Christmas tradition, we left Brasov, and we went to eat at Gura Diham in Bușteni.

Look of our tour made that day. 🙂

Next time I hope will find a better Christmas market.