A Merry X-mas Tradition

Stefan Hrusca – Florile dalbe

Christmas, in my country Christmas, represents the birth of Jesus Christ, and it is celebrated on 25 Dec as Christmas day, 26th and 27th Dec.

The classical universal tradition is to decorate the house, prepare food, Santa Claus ( we call him Mos Craciun) is coming to good children, we make presents, eat all together and spend time with family and friends.
An old custom in the villages of some areas of our country was that on Christmas Eve, the households would wake up early in the morning, make the fire in the stove and say:

Good morning Eve!
You came at a good time
To bring us: fat and beautiful pigs
And healthy people;
Women with beautiful babies,
Cows with calves,
sheep with lambs,
sows with piglets,
birds with their chicks,
hens with eggs!

On Christmas Eve children are going to sing to every family Christmas Carols, sending the message that baby Jesus is coming.
In some areas, young boys and men are going to sing Carols in the houses where they know it’s a young girl ready to get married.

Before you jump to any conclusion regarding our traditional food, I will add a picture of each dish, just to see it’s not as bad as it sounds.

We don’t serve turkey, we serve pork.

Pork dish

We serve Boef salad (originally from Russia) – a salad that contains mayonnaise, boiled carrots and potatoes, mustard, beef/ chicken or pork, and pickles.

Beouf salad – photo credit http://www.gustos.ro

Sarmale = cabbage rolls, (common in the cuisines of the Balkans, Central, Northern, Eastern Europe, Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran).
Meat fillings is pork or chicken seasoned combined garlic, onion, and spices and rice.
Fermented cabbage leaves are often used for wrapping the filling.

Sarmale – Cabbage rolls

Homemade sausages – You can serve them grilled, fried, smoked or baked.

smoked sausages

Caltabos – is a kind of sausage made with minced meat, rice and spices. – You served boiled or baked

Toba – it is made of chopped pork organs stuffed in the pork’s stomach. It is often served cold with mustard as a started along with the sausages and caltabos.


Pftie / aspic also called racitura – it is a kind of pork soup made with meat but also pork skin and all those parts of the pork that can transform the liquid into jelly. It is made from pork meat, chicken or turkey.

Piftie / Aspic

Please let me know how do you call Santa Claus in your language.
What is the most interesting tradition in your country or family?
What dishes do you serve on Christmas?
I would love to hear from you, interesting stories and based on what I will receive from you, I will make an article with traditions around the world.

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