Bucharest’s January Events

A new year comes with a new January, and with new events.
Since the article with the monthly events is so popular, I have added in this article, the most interesting events from January.

01 Jan

Saint Vasile day, (agios Vasilis) vasileos meaning king.
It is the first day of the year and “they say, elder people say” :), however, the new year will find you, that’s what you will do, or be all year.
Usually, I don’t believe in superstitions, but i like this one, thinking that I was travelling on the new year, meaning that I will travel all year. I am never home in the new year celebration, the last years I’ve been to Athens, at the mountain or with friends.

06 Jan

Boboteaza (the baptism) – Epiphany holiday, it is a Christian holiday celebrating the day when Saint Ioan, baptised Jesus Christ in the waters of Jordan river.
A local tradition happens the night before this celebration, young girls are putting under their pillows a sprig of basil, preferably offered by a priest (when they come to bless the Christian homes), it is believed will show the girls their future husbands.
Between me and you, priests find this tradition, not belonging to the Christian religion.
I never use basil out of my kitchen, because for me, it would be like sleeping in the same room with Italian pasta.
Still, my grandmother asked this year “What have you dreamed child?”, ” KLM – Airplane tickets to Germany”. 😂

24 Jan

The Unification of the Romanian Principalities was the official name of the personal union of Moldavia and Wallachia which later became Romania, adopted on 24 January 1859 (O.S.) (5 February N.S.) when Alexandru Ioan Cuza was elected as the  Ruler (Ruling Prince) of both principalities, which were autonomous but still vassals of the Ottoman Empire.

Now let’s get to our events.


09 Jan: Veggie&Vegan tasting night – 100 mini-burgers from the house, buffet, for the first set of guests! Thursday at 19:00, at FlipFlop – Bd. Dacia, nr.139,


10 Jan: Vinyl Night with Divinil la J’ai Bistrot at J’ai Bistrot – 9 PM, free entrance;

10 Jan: Rockoteca #2 at Quantic Club – 8 PM, free entrance;

11 Jan: Speak Floyd 40th Anniversary – The Wall at Quantic Club8 PM;

12 Jan: Halcyon. Ana Dubyk Trio at Green Hours jazz&theatre-café – Halcyon is a project featuring Ana Dubyk’s compositions.

13 Jan: Globalworth District Live at Guerriliv at Globalworth District

13 Jan: FiRMA Restart 2020 at Expirat Club – 8 PM – FiRMA opens the 2020 concert season with an electric ‘special restart’ at Expirat.
The concert draws a new direction, new songs announcing the release of the album “Awakening of Spring”.

15 Jan: Byron at Expirat Club – 9 PM – Byron has been playing rock with various influences since 2006 and has since released 7 studio albums and three live DVDs.

17 Jan: Full of Party Spirit at Romexpo-Fuel – 10 PM – Party Depeche Mode

22 Jan: Adele tribute concert at Berăria H – 7 PM

23 Jan: Tarja turunen – 360 degrees – The queen of rock symphonic music returns to Romania on January 23 to give her audience a memorable night, performing all the hits that made her famous.

24 Jan: Provincialii at Berăria H – 8:30 PM

24 Jan: Timpuri Noi – Moldova mon amour at QuanticClub – 8 PM – Timpuri Noi is the symbol of the Romanian rock from the last decades and, it is the voice of the rock with a strong, elaborate, intelligent and acid message!

25 Jan: Andrei Irimia – Nuit Minimaliste 3.0 at Teatrul de Artă București

29 Jan: Sweet show o mine Guns n roses tribute at Berăria H – 7:30 PM


11 Jan: Anti Love Story at Diverta from Lipscani street – 7 PM – It is a modern romantic comedy that exposes 12 direct perspectives about love.

29 Jan: No affection TeenMedia Academy at Diverta from Lipscani street – 7 PM – it is a tragic comedy that talks about the fact that failure in life can be an option.


8 Jan: L’innocent at Movie Theater – 7 PM – The last film of the great director Luchino Visconti, inspired by the novel by Gabriele D’Annunzio, places its action in the environment of the Italian aristocracy of the 19th century.

10 Jan: Dragoste 2. America directed by Florin Serban at Cinema Bucharest – The last 24 hours of a love story.

24 Jan: 1917 at IMAX1917 is a 2019 epic war film directed, co-written and produced by Sam Mendes. It chronicles the story of two young British soldiers during World War I in the spring of 1917 who was given a mission to deliver a message. 

31 Jan: Matthias et Maxime


Every day: Astronomy Exhibition at Astronomical Observatory “Vasile Urseanu” from Wednesday – Sunday: 10am – 6pm.

Every day: In the footsteps of the past – archeology and numismatics at George Severeanu Museum;

08 Jan: Free Wednesday at National Museum of Art of Romania

11 Jan: SYNESTHESIA at Mogoșoaia Palace – The Cultural Center “Palatele Brâncovenești de la Mogoșoaia” opens the exhibition season 2020 with two consecrated painters, working outside the capital. Gabriel Prundeanu and Stelian Ghigă propose a series of expressionist works – abstract, grouped under the title Synesthesia.


09 Jan: Traces – Ultima Vez (Wim Vandekeybus) at National Theatre Bucharest – 09:30 PM – TRACES is a rediscovery of a vulnerable vitality, in a world full of technological and ecological threats.

17 Jan: Promised Land at Linotip – Centru Independent Coregrafic – 8 PM – The choreographic and dramaturgical concept of the show “Promised Land” sum up primordial elements that define the happiness we are looking for but which we do not have time to understand.

24 Jan: BASMa Curata at Linotip – Centru Independent Coregrafic – 8 PM – is a contemporary dance performance built on the remembrance of the Romanian cultural origin, starting from specific elements of folklore, such as fairy tales and traditional stories or traditional Romanian customs.


10 Jan: The Christmas Story Fair 2019 at Comic Opera for Children5 PM – free entrance;

18 Jan: Shop my library 11 – Book fair with low prices at Tucano Coffee – AFI Park ;

18 Jan: Yard Sale at Londohome – 6 PM –

25 Jan: Vinyl fair Paradis Paradis at Control Club – 7 PM

Workshop & Games

14 Jan: Painting course – static nature at Art and Hobby Studio – 3 PM;

14 Jan: Lindy Hop Beginners Dance Class – Hosted by Bucharest Wacky Hoppers – 7:30 PM;

14 Jan: Decorative arts course at Art and Hobby Studio – 3 PM;

20 Jan: Contemporary dance course at National Center of Dance Bucharest7 PM;

21 Jan: Free photography workshopHosted by Photo Mania:

21 Jan: Yams night at Journey pub – 7 PM;

25 Jan: Healthy snack shop (vegan, gluten free, sugar free) at Matcha Bar Bucharest – 12 PM;


11 Jan: Ruins and catacombs in Bucharest – Hosted by Geography Archive – 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM;

13 Jan: Mansions and boyar houses in Romania – 7 PM;

14 Jan: CoolTourA Velo de Marti (VII): Following in the footsteps of Eminescu – 7:45 PM – 13 km on a light bike route;

19 Jan: Slănic Prahova – Journey in the salt land! a new day hike, during which we will explore the “salt land” – the small town, Slanic.

24 Jan: Ice climbing waterfall at Stan Valley, Lotrișor or Bucegi Waterfall, depending on the state of the waterfalls.

25 Jan: Picturesque Tour through Mountain Villages at Măgura and Peștera – 5-6 ore de drumeție în care vom admira dealurile, căsuțele și poienile de la poalele Piatra Craiului.