Funny complaints from tourists

When you work in tourism, you get to know a lot of information regarding destinations, facts, best hotels, tours, aeroplanes, trains, bus etc.
You have to reply to many questions, give alternatives, and try your best to make your client’s vacation the perfect vacation.
But as we can’t make everyone happy, we also receive complains from our tourists, even if we did our best.
Here are a few funny ones that froze my mind a couple of seconds, when I first receive them.

The sea view room

Client: “I’ve bought a sea view room, but I don’t have the view because of the palm trees.”
Me: I called the local guide, and ask her if she can help.
It turns out that the tourist had 1 palm tree in front of the balcony.
If you would make 1 step to the right, or 1 to the left you could have sea view.
Solution: The room was changed.

The pink sand

Client: I’ve bought the holiday to Crete because I saw it has pink sand, but the beach from the hotel does not have pink sand, I want my pink sand!
My mind: Well, we should eat more shrimps and throw their shells in the sea to make pink sand.
My Reply: Crete has pink sand in 2 areas, at Elafonisi and Balos beach.

The dinner

Client: We ordered fish and chips for dinner, on our cruise, but it tasted like fish, and we didn’t want that.
Me: The potatoes tasted like fish?
Client: No, the fish.
My mind: It’s fish and chips, what should the fish taste like?
Me: Well, it is fish…

The Sunset

Client: I wanted to come to Santorini so that I can take the famous picture with the sunset, but it’s full of people.
My mind: Move people we have miss sunset, wanting to make a famous picture!
My reply: Being such a famous destination, unfortunately, this makes everyone want a picture there.

The guide from Rhodes

Client: We wanted the most experimented guide in Rhodes, one who know all the stones from the island, but he is 96 years old.
Instead of enjoying the stones, we were stressing, and hoping that the guide will not die.
My mind: Oh don’t worry, he’s healthy as a horse.
Me: You requested the most experimented guide from the island, and we did our best to meet your expectation.

The honeymoon for single-use

Client: I wanted to enjoy my honeymoon in Santorini, but there are more donkeys than men. With whom should I spend my honeymoon, if there are no men on this island?
My mind: Seriously woman?
My reply: With your husband? I believe that’s the definition of a honeymoon. It comes after marriage, and you spend it in two.
Client: Really?

Twin room honeymooners!

Well my dears… for this one I’ve written a full article a few years ago when it happened, I will not bore you with it again.. 🙂