Snacks from Japan

I know that my blog’s name is Across Europe, but when I created this blog, I was young and hoped to see, at list Europe. I am still working on that 🙂

But one can only dream to extend its horizons, and one day maybe sees wonderful places outside Europe.

I always tell you people, dreams come true, you just have to fight for your dreams, and do something in that direction every day.
One of the places I want to visit is Japan, around the Sakura festival.

Since I don’t have the budget yet, for now, I can only enjoy the taste of Japan trough their snacks.

Chesse, Wasabi, Soysauce
Aerial Snacks: these are my favorite snacks, I had 1 with cheese, and 1 with soy sauce. They have an amazing airy texture and great flavors. I could eat a full box of those.
The photos for aerial snacks were made in the car while we were going to the famous x-mans market if you remember.
These snacks are sweet, salty, airy and they come in flavors that you couldn’t imagine.
For example, I had a soy sauce flavor, chicken, pork ribs, butter, all very good except a sweet one that was not matching my taste.
This got to be the most interesting chocolate I ever tasted, that is all that I can say, but in the best way possible.
The miniature food is the cutest thing possible, this box is the only one that I did not open yet, but I can’t wait to make the miniature food.
The 3 fish snacks
Almond Poky, Classic Poky and onion, garlic and vegetable stix.
Poky got to me one of my favorite sweet snacks, I know there are more flavors and also that this is the kind of desert that you would share only with your special friends.
These small candy had grape taste, not to sweet not to sower, well balanced.
This got to be my least favorite snack from them all.
The texture is sponge tasteless, the only taste had the cocoa syrup that was pored over the sponge thing.
Another of my favorite snacks on the sweet side, is this chocolate pie.
It looks like a small pie, very soft, so crumbly that I couldn’t make a photo. 🙂
Sakura fried snacks, a bit salty, you can feel the oil in which they fried.
Wasabi chips, well I loved the wasabi chocolate, but not the chops.
Snacks with onion ans garlic prouder;
Snacks with herbs and curry;
I enjoyed broth of them and I would retry again any time.