Travel wish list

This blog, Across Europe, will not be only a blog, it will turn in a site someday, and it will not be only about Europe it will extend its horizons with me and with my wish, and my wish to see as many places as I can, and write about them one by one.

Some of the places are expensive, and maybe I will manage to see them only once in a lifetime, and some I will return over and over again being the places most closest to my heart.

Here is a top 40+ places that I want to see:

  1. Plitvice Lakes

2. Alhambra – Spain

3. El camino de Santiago de Compostela

4. Cape Town

5. The Colosseum

6. Mexico City

7. Hong Kong

8. The Great Wall of China

9. Sheikh Zayed Mosque

10. Sidney

11. Istanbul

12. Cappadocia

13. Pamukkale

14. The Taj Mahal

15. Bora Bora

16. Antarctica

17. The Greek Islands all of them 🙂

18. Northern Lights

19. The Pyramids Of Giza

20. The Temples of Angkor – Cambodia

21. New Zealand

22. Machu Picchu

23. The Lost City Of Petra – Jordan

 24. Paris

25. Galápagos Islands

26. Ha Long Bay

 27. Mount Everest

28. Rio

29. New Orleans

30. Yellowstone

31. Washington, D.C.

32. Miami

33. Honolulu

34. Chicago

35. Seattle

36. Grand Canyon

37. New York City

38. Tokyo

39. Kyoto

40. Osaka

41. Phi Phi Islands

42. Pa Tong

43. Wat Rong Khun – White Temple – Chiang Rai Province

44. Dubai

If you have great ideas and beautiful places, please let me know I would love to see and read about them.

Photo source: free photos from pixabay