Funny complaints from hotels & suppliers

We all learned by now that tourists are encouraged to make complaints on-spot, regarding a touristic service to solve their problems.
We also learned in my previous articles that some complaints from the tourists are really funny and worth telling.
But did you know that hotels and suppliers of all sorts make complaints about the tourists also?

Here are a few funny situations from a couple of years ago, in which the suppliers sent me their complaints and asked me to intervene.

1. The shower cabin

“Kalimera my dear,
Please note that I appreciate all the business we make with you and the tourists that you sent us here in Kalambaka, but note that never in my life I was so angry like now.
One of the drivers shited in the shower before check-out.
How is this possible since the toilet is right next to the shower cabin???
Please note that we wand to restrict the drivers in our hotel from now on!”

Hotel’s complaint

2. The trash can

“Good evening from sunny Crete,
I’m writing to you in regards of your guests that will stay with us 7 days, please ask your clients to stop peeing in the trash can from their rooms, they have a private bathroom in their room.”

Hotel’s complaint

Try to explain that to the client without making a big deal out of it.

I hope you are enjoying Crete.
Please note that the hotel informed us that they found urine in your room’s trash can.
Kindly note that pets are not allowed in the hotel, if you had any animal that pied in the room, I suggest to not bring them inside anymore.”

My solution to not offend the clients

What was I supposed to say?
Stop peeing in the trash can dummy, the bathroom is half a meter away from your bed?
They are still my clients, and I can’t make them feel bad, in their vacation, so I came up with this pet situation instead.

3. The flower pot

Good morning from sunny Crete,
Thank you for solving the situation from 2 days ago, by stopping the clients peeing in the trash can.
Now can you please ask them to stop peeing in the flower pot?
This is ridiculous!

Hotel’s complaint

4. The chicken situation

“Good morning girls,
We arrived in Bulgari it is now 7 a.m.
We had a situation on the bus…
An old lady took a frozen chicken with her, to cook it on her vacation.
The problem is the chicken got defrosted last night, and it bled on a young lady’s dress.
First thing in the morning, we heard the girl yelling, and we almost had an accident because of that.
Please inform the old lady that she needs to buy a new dress and that frozen foods are not allowed on the bus.”

Bus driver’s complaint

5 The soup

“Good morning from Turkey!
Please note that we have a situation on our hands, and we need to make a complaint about 2 tourists that you sent to our hotel.
The tourists are making soup in the kettle.
Now, why would you do that when you are in an all-inclusive hotel with 8 types of soup?
Please note that the kettle needs to be replaced, as no one can boil water or tea in it, and we will charge the client for that.
Also, remind them that cooking in the room is not allowed.”

Hotel’s complaint

6. The hot shower

“Good afternoon,
Please note that the tourists that you sent on this cruise triggered the fire alarm twice in just one day, as they make shower with very hot water, the fire alarm triggers because of the steam that hot water produces.
Can you please ask the clients to take a shower once a day if not possible rarer?”

Complaint from the cruise ship

7. The TV

“Please note that the TV from the hotel’s room is not a flower support. The clients water their flowers and along with them, the TV.
Note that the TV is leaking water, now who’s gonna pay for that?”

Hotel’s complaint

8. The airplane company

“Dear partners,
We appreciate your collaboration, but since you started to send us dead bodies to take on our charter from vacations, we don’t appreciate you anymore.
Please note that our pilots can refuse the coffin with the deceased tourist if he thinks the body can carry diseases, and even if the medical paper shows that all is clear with the body.
The pilot can still refuse the body if he is religious or scared that the plane could be haunted by ghosts from then on.”

Complaint from an airplane company

“Dear partners,
Don’t worry, the Greek airline thought more human than you, they helped us in these hard times.
I’m thinking seriously about future collaboration for the following charters with them.”😉

my reply

9. It’s a girl!

“Dear partners of our partners,
Thank you for the business that you brings us every summer to Skiathos.
We don’t mean to disturb you or to make an actual complaint, but we have a delicate situation in our hands right now.
We had a very pregnant lady on board today, although the crew team told her repeatedly to stay calm and stop dancing, she danced until her water broke.
What we wanted to say is that the captain and the crew team are all men, and they don’t know to deliver a baby, so we rushed as fast as we could to the hospital in Skiathos.
The tourists who bought this excursion got frustrated because their trip was to short.
But don’t worry, the lady is fine and you have a new girl, without a passport to return to your country.”

Tiuristic boat

10. The Pyra-Pyramids

“Greeting for mighty Egypt!
Please note that 6 from your tourists, made some disturbing things while we were presenting the Giza pyramids.
They were singing a tribal song about pyramids I believe it was something with “pyra-pyramids” and dancing in a circle.
The local guide got so frightened that he could not concentrate, he believes that the 6 tourists, were trying to cast a spell over the pyramids, or try to awake a spirit of some sort.
Please note that we will ban your tourists if they do such thing ever again.
Note that the military could intervene in this kind of situations. Please add a note into your contract, that rituals of awakening are strictly forbidden in this part of the world.”

Local partners

Solution: Since we cannot add such thing in a contract, please inform all tour leaders from now on, to instruct the group in the airport, that singing, dancing or listening to that song while travelling to Egypt is strictly forbidden.

Disclaimer: Please note that I use old experiences from old places of work and never the present one in order to avoid unpleasant situations. Also names of supplier, tourists or any other person will not be revealed and in case a name will need to appear, it will be modified and not the original name.